Poster Mockup

Imagine RIT


project info


2 weeks, spring 2017


concept, illustration


Imagine RIT is an annual campus-wide festival that captures the innovation and creative spirit of students, faculty, and staff. Over 30,000+ visitors attend the event to experience a wide variety of exhibitions, hands-on activities, and performances. I was fortunate enough to be able to win 2018’s poster contest which promoted the event.



Experience the future

The poster is supposed to embody what it means to “experience the future.” As the world continues to progress at warp speed, RIT strives to lead it in a positive direction through technology and the arts. RIT is a hub which facilitates forward-thinking and future innovations. Students and faculty work tirelessly throughout the year to create innovative solutions to vexing problems which are showcased at the event.


Capture the spirit in a unique way

Being an annual competition, a lot of the same ideas resurface. I wanted to stray away from the typical elements associated with RIT such as our tiger mascot or computing. With that being said, I didn’t want to be unique just for the sake of being different.

mind map


Central hub of innovation

My concept behind the poster focused around a futuristic version of RIT where students, families, and visitors from different locations around the world to come visit. RIT is a hub of innovation where new discoveries, insights, and wonderful creations are constantly flourishing. Imagine RIT collects projects that students and faculty have been working on throughout the year to showcase to the public. To visitors, these innovations are exciting and mind-blowing. They can even spark interest in younger generations to pursue a certain path. 

The possibilities are endless for what the future of Imagine RIT has to offer in later years. I left it up to the viewers' interpretations as to whether this is actually the future of RIT or if it’s how a new visitor might interpret this new experience. 


The future is now

My main source of inspiration stems from cyberpunk, featuring high-tech, advanced technologies in a futuristic setting. I wanted to stay away from the cold and dystopian feeling which are typical cyberpunk elements. I also took inspiration from fantastical worlds and cities that feature highly detailed architecture.



Get lost in the details

My goal was to create a piece that would captivate and encourage the viewer to take a closer look at the finer details. I spent time individualizing buildings, cars, and objects in hopes that it won’t be viewed just once. Details that you might have not seen the first time might appear the next time you take a look at it. I wanted to create an experience for the audience where they could get lost in the details.



Race to the finish line

These two weeks flew by before I knew it. I went into this project with high ambitions but I slowly began to realize that I would have to compromise aspects to meet the deadline. Regardless, I did not want to compromise the quality or the intention of the piece. 

I learned about the importance of not falling in love with your first idea. Along the way, sacrifices and compromises will sometimes have to be made. Being flexible to allow the design to evolve to meet expectations and to push the limits is important. 

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